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You may refer to this guide from the Run My Festival home page, which is where you will be taken after you click the Continue button. On the Run My Festival home page, you will find a link in the Options sidebar- New User Notes, which will display the guide again. The Options Sidebar is opened by clicking the Menu link in the top left corner

The guide will cover the following topics:



Entering the Festival


The first thing you will need to do before you can enter the Festival is to create your ‘entrants’.

An entrant is an individual or a group who will enter one of the Festival’s classes. An individual may be you, or a pupil, or one of your children. A group can be anything from a duet to a large performing group.

You are only asked for the minimum information required. Whilst the age or date of birth is not asked for at the time the individual is created, you may be asked for the age at a specific date should a particular class have an age restriction. All entrants will be remembered by the system so when you return in subsequent visits, either this year or in future years, they will be there ready for use again.

If you are entering a duet/duo please create a group containing 2 named people and leave the group name blank.

NB If your group/ensemble is more than 2 individuals please enter using just a group name with no named people. This will then allow you to substitute within the group without having to amend your festival entry.


The system provides a number of standard options (including the official accompanist). You may be able to create your own accompanist if, for example, your teacher is going to accompany you. If using the Official Accompanist, please ensure that your music is received by the Music Secretary by 1 February 2023.


Once you have created all the entrants you need, you can start the process of actually entering. Click the Enter Festival button on the home page, and select the section you wish to enter, which will show you the classes available.

You can either select the class by scrolling through the list or search by inserting the class no in Search by Class box.

Each time you select a class, a wizard will be launched that contains a number of variable steps. The type of class you enter will determine what information you will be asked to provide. Names of pieces to be performed and their composer or author are required for the Festival programme.

When you have finished entering the class, you can add it to your Basket. The Basket contains all the entries into classes that you have made before checkout. The Basket will be saved so if you wish you can finish entering the Festival at some point later on. You can enter classes from different sections and complete the checkout process for them all in one go.

When you checkout your Basket, you will be able to pay online through PayPal or Credit or Debit Card, and when complete, you will receive an email confirming your entry. We hope you find the online experience straightforward, but if you have any queries, or need help with the online system please email our Data Secretary.


Please read the Child Protection Policy as we rely on parents and teachers to assist with implementation.