Given the continued uncertainty around the coronavirus pandemic and in the interests of prioritising the ongoing safety of everyone involved, the Executive Committee of Dungannon Music and Drama Festival has decided to postpone next year’s Festival until 2023.   The Committee members consider that holding an in-person Festival in March 2022 would expose performers, their families or our volunteers to an unnecessary risk and we do not wish to have to cancel the event at short notice.   We also feel that an online Festival does not provide a viable alternative for the young people in our local community to display their talents to best advantage and therefore we prefer to plan for the time when we can freely welcome all our performers, plus family and friends back to our Festival. 

Dungannon Festival is fortunate to be able to rely on the continued commitment of our dedicated team of volunteers on our committee, without whom our Festival would not be possible, and is very grateful for the level of support that has always been received from performers, teachers, parents, schools and our sponsors.  We look forward to seeing you all again in March 2023.

Vi Leckey



Established in 1921 and from small beginnings it has developed into the flourishing festival it is today.
A Music week takes place in the first week of March each year followed by a Verse Speaking and Drama week. Well over a thousand young people from across the community participate annually, performing as individuals, groups and in the increasingly popular section for choirs. An experienced team of local volunteers is responsible for planning and organising the Festival which has become an important annual event in the Dungannon area.
There are bursaries available in Senior Vocal Repetoire (Class 45), Senior Piano Repertoire (Open) (Class 35), Senior Piano Repertoire (Open) (Class 35) and Recital Class (15 years and over) (Class 138). See the Syllabus for further details.